10Bet Alternatives: Where Smart Bettors Are Making Serious Money

Smart bettors seeking lucrative alternatives to 10Bet have a plethora of options at their fingertips. These alternatives offer a diverse range of sports games and better bonuses, making them attractive destinations for savvy bettors. 

But is it legal to play at these alternative sites? To ensure a secure and enjoyable betting experience, it’s crucial to identify legal sports betting sites. 

Top Alternative Sites

1. 22Bet

22Bet is Popular in India for Sports Betting and Online Casinos. It Accepts easy payment options like PayTM, Skrill & Neteller.

Get 100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹25,000

2. 10Cric Casino

10Cric is among the most popular sites in India. It has a lot to offer for casino players as well with many fun games.

100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹15,000

3. BetShah

Perfect platform for Fans of sports betting in India.

Rs. 2500 Sports Bonus & Rs. 1 Lakh Casino Bonus.

4. MegaRush

Megarush is an amazing online casino to play popular slots, live casino, and table games.

Welcome Bonus up to ₹30,000

5. Lucky Niki

For many reasons, Lucky Niki is a top online betting site in India. But its awesome Bonus offers are our favorites.

250 Free Spins + Biggest Bonus of 100% upto ₹1,00,000

List Summary

Minimum Deposit 100 INR
Indian Players Allowed
Currency INR
Indian Casino Games Teen Patti, Poker etc.
Alternative Sites BetShah, Lopebet etc.
Customer Support Available 24*7

This guide will delve into the registration process, deposit and withdrawal methods, and customer support services, helping you make informed choices. With insights from experts and practical tips, you’ll be well-equipped to explore the world of profitable sports betting beyond 10Bet.



10Bet Casino is one of the renowned online betting companies where people can earn extraordinary money by ordinary deposits. With its large gaming options and eye-catching features, you can enjoy as well as earn well on this gaming platform.

The casino offers a live gambling experience, where players can bet live games. The platform also claims to be one of the trusted platforms and is focused on securing bettors’ money as well.

The interface of the online gaming platform is also user-friendly and helps to play games easily and efficiently. Another important feature is that the customer services on this platform is available 24/7.

You can contact them for your queries as well as choose live chat when logged in to your account. The feature where 10Bet is lacking is to provide alluring bonuses and promotional offers. This gaming platform does not offer attractive bonus offers if compared to other counterparts.

Overall, 10Bet Sports is one of the best casinos where you can play and enjoy live betting and online gaming. From football, horse racing, cricket betting, to tennis betting, and basketball betting, and many sports betting, this platform has a lot for the players. You can play and win several exciting prizes on 10 Bet as well as its alternative options.

Registration Process

The registration process on this platform is very easy and straightforward. There are certain steps that need to be followed in order to begin the gaming process on the platform. Here are the steps that you need to follow to register at 10Bet.

  1. Open the website “https://www.10bet.co.uk/sports.
  2. Click on the “Join Now” button in the right top corner of the screen.
  3. Then you need to enter the personal information requested on the registration form.
  4. Add your gender, first name, last name, date of birth, and email, and click the next button.
  5. Furthermore, add the country, mobile number, and address to complete the registration process.
  6. After clicking next, the portal will lead you to add the username and password along with accepting the terms and conditions of the platform.
  7. After submitting all the required information, you can submit the application to complete the registration process.
  8. Once the registration is completed, you will use the username and password to begin your betting journey on 10Bet Casino.

Deposit and withdrawal process

Deposits at 10Bet

The deposit and withdrawal process at 10Bet is a tricky one. No doubt the process is simple but the banking transactions took time further continued with glitches while making the deposits and withdrawals. Let’s understand how the deposit and withdrawal process works.


To begin with the deposit process, you need to log in to your 10Bet account. You will find a “+” button at the top right of the screen. Click on this button and go to “deposit.” After that, choose the payment method which you wish to use for adding money to your 10Bet account.

After choosing the deposit method, click on the deposit and enter the amount that you wish to deposit, to begin with your betting journey. If you choose the card for the deposit method, then you need to add the card details. If choose an e-wallet, or prepaid card, then you will be directed to your account so that you can easily complete the transaction.

The minimum amount that you can deposit is £10.00, whereas you can add a maximum amount depending on the payment method you choose. It can vary from £2,000 to £50,000. In case, you aren’t able to see the deposited amount, refresh your page, and if shows an error, then you must contact customer service.


To withdraw money from your 10Bet account, go to the “My Account” option, and then you will find the “Withdrawal” option. Click and get redirected to the withdrawal page where you need to select the payment method for the process. Post that, add the amount and click the “withdraw” button.

The withdrawal amount can range from £1 to £35,000 or £50,000, depending upon the withdrawal mode. 

While completing the withdrawal process, it is important that you keep a note that it is not an easy process as the withdrawal takes time. If you select card withdrawals and e-wallets as your payment methods, then you have to wait for 1-2 business days.

And for bank transfers, 1-3 business days are needed to complete the process. In case, you do not receive your money within the said period, then you must contact customer support for further assistance.

The legality of playing at alternative sites to 10Bet varies depending on your jurisdiction and the specific site you choose. In many regions, online sports betting is regulated, and players are required to use licensed and authorized platforms. It’s crucial to research the laws and regulations in your country or state to ensure compliance. 

Some alternative sites operate legally with the necessary licenses and adhere to strict regulatory standards, providing a safe and secure betting environment. However, others may operate in a gray area or without proper licensing, posing potential risks to bettors. 

To determine if it’s legal to play at alternative sites, always verify the site’s credentials, check local gambling laws, and consider seeking legal advice if you have concerns. Prioritizing legal and regulated platforms ensures a more protected and accountable betting experience.

Huge variety of online sports games

online sports games

Alternative betting sites offer a vast and diverse selection of online sports games, catering to the preferences of a wide range of bettors. These platforms understand that variety is key to attracting and retaining users. 

You’ll find an extensive array of sports, spanning from traditional favorites like football, basketball, and tennis to niche sports and esports. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of mainstream events or intrigued by emerging sports trends, these alternatives have something for everyone. 

The appeal extends beyond the breadth of options; it includes the depth of betting markets within each sport. From simple money line bets to intricate prop bets, handicaps, and live betting, these platforms provide a comprehensive betting experience. 

With an abundance of choices, bettors can diversify their wagers, explore new sports, and adapt their strategies, all while enjoying the excitement and potential rewards that come with this impressive variety of online sports games.

Alternative Sites has better bonuses

When exploring alternatives to 10Bet, one compelling factor that often stands out is the enticing array of bonuses offered by these alternative betting platforms.

Unlike some traditional casinos, these alternatives have upped the ante by providing more generous and diversified bonuses to attract and reward players. 

From welcome bonuses that boost your initial deposits to ongoing promotions, cashback offers, and loyalty programs that keep players engaged, the bonus landscape is rich and dynamic. 

Moreover, many of these alternatives feature lower wagering requirements, making it easier for bettors to unlock and enjoy their bonus funds.

This abundance of bonus opportunities not only enhances the overall gaming experience but also increases the potential for smart bettors to maximize their returns. 

So, if you’re looking to make the most of your betting adventure, exploring these alternative sites with their superior bonus offerings is undoubtedly a savvy move.

Expert’s Opinion: What do they say?

Expert’s Opinion on Gambling

Experts in the field of online sports betting have shared valuable insights about alternative sites to 10Bet. They highlight the growing trend of bettors seeking alternatives for better value and enhanced experiences. 

These experts often praise the diverse range of sports games offered by these platforms, catering to both mainstream and niche sports enthusiasts. Moreover, they emphasize the attractiveness of the bonuses and promotions available on these alternative sites, which can significantly boost bettors’ bankrolls. 

Additionally, experts note that reputable alternatives prioritize customer security and fair play, providing a safe betting environment.

While they advise caution in selecting the right platform, experts generally see the rise of these alternatives as a positive development in the world of online sports betting, offering smart bettors exciting opportunities and improved rewards for their wagers.

When seeking legal sports betting sites, it’s essential to prioritize your safety and security. Here are valuable tips to help you identify legitimate platforms. 

  1. Licensing and Regulation – Begin by verifying the site’s licensing and regulatory information. Legitimate sports betting sites prominently display their licenses and adhere to strict regulations set by governing bodies. Research the jurisdiction in which the site is licensed to ensure it complies with local laws.
  2. Reputation and Reviews – Conduct thorough research by reading user reviews and testimonials from other bettors. A reputable platform will have a positive online reputation, while fraudulent sites often have negative feedback or unresolved complaints.
  3. Transparency – Legitimate sites are transparent about their terms and conditions, including rules for bonuses and withdrawals. Avoid platforms with convoluted or vague terms that may hide unfavorable conditions.
  4. Secure Payment Methods – Check the site’s banking options. Legal sports betting sites offer a variety of secure and well-known payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Be cautious if the site only accepts obscure or untraceable payment options.
  5. Customer Support – Legitimate platforms provide accessible customer support. You can test their availability by reaching out with inquiries. Reliable sites offer multiple contact channels and timely assistance.
  6. Responsible Gambling Measures – Legit sites promote responsible gambling by offering self-exclusion programs, deposit limits, and links to support organizations. Ensure the site encourages responsible betting practices.
  7. Site Security – Verify that the site employs advanced encryption and security measures to protect your personal and financial information.
  8. Terms and Conditions – Thoroughly read and understand the platform’s terms and conditions, including the age and location restrictions. Legal sites enforce age and location verification to ensure compliance with gambling laws.
  9. Compare Multiple Sites – Don’t rush your decision. Compare multiple sports betting sites, considering all the above factors, before making a choice. This diligence will help you identify a secure and legal platform for your betting activities.

Customer Support Services

Customer Support at 10 bet alternatives

A critical aspect of any online casino and betting platform is its customer support services. When exploring alternatives to your current betting site, it’s essential to assess the quality and responsiveness of customer support. 

Efficient customer support ensures that you can resolve issues swiftly and have your questions answered promptly. Look for platforms that offer 24/7 support through various channels, such as live chat, email, or phone. 

A knowledgeable and friendly support team can significantly enhance your betting experience, providing peace of mind and assistance whenever needed. Prioritize platforms that excel in customer support to ensure a seamless and enjoyable betting journey.

Ending Words

In the world of sports betting, exploring alternatives to 10Bet can lead to exciting opportunities and potentially substantial profits. With a variety of sports games, better bonuses, and expert opinions at your disposal, you have the tools to make informed choices.

Remember to prioritize legal and secure platforms, and don’t underestimate the importance of reliable customer support. 

By following the advice in this guide, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the world of smart betting beyond 10Bet, enhancing your chances of making serious money while enjoying a satisfying and secure betting experience.