Blacklisted Casinos

In the world of online gambling, the word ‘Blacklisted Casino’ is used to describe a rogue casino. It is used for an operator that scams players out of their funds. The scrupulous owners hide behind the anonymity of the internet and use different means required to grab the player’s attention to the casino. They find every way imaginable to keep the player’s money without even paying a dime.

blacklisted casinos

When you play online, your aim is to have fun and win some money. So, you should avoid getting scammed by a blacklisted casino. As a site that is dedicated to bringing to you honest and updated reviews, we take pride in tracking the blacklisted casinos. Here you will come across bad online casinos that you should avoid playing at all costs.

But, what you should know is, there are a handful of bad seeds that are giving this entire industry a bad name. We have come up with a list of the brands or bad online casinos that you should stay away from.

Casino Blacklisted On Reason for Blacklisting
BetWinner July 1, 2021 Known Cases of Payment Frauds
4RaBet Aug 12, 2021 Frequent Withdrawal Issues
Europa Casino Aug 31, 2021 Rude Customer Support & Affiliate Managers

Reasons for Blacklisting

The first thing that we want to do is teach about the reasons an online casino in India might find its way to our blacklist. With this information, you will have the working knowledge base on the topic and understand why they have been listed here. Also, it provides a strong starting point to effectively teach you the bad online casinos you need to stay away from.

1. Frequent Frauds During Withdrawal

The best part about betting or gambling is winning. As you win, you want to be able to enjoy the cash that you have won as quickly as possible. Online casinos have come a long way since their inception. These days’ online casinos make sure that you can get the money you have won within a few days if you play at a good online casino.

However, this might not be the case when you choose a fraudulent online casino. It is the most annoying reason on the list. A scam site might refuse to pay you the money you deserve when you request a withdrawal. Some bad apples are unable to get their act together and might take weeks or even months to pay you the money you have won.

Blacklisted casinos will either say that they are going to pay you the money soon or will give excuses regarding why the money is delayed.

Trust us, we have heard about these excuses many times. Slow payment can be the reason behind a bigger issue. In some cases, online casinos might take ages to pay the money as they have a terrible process set up, they are lazy, or are understaffed. This is when things start getting annoying. So, you may get your money but as per their preference.

In other, online casinos are much slower to pay due to financial issues. They might have problems with the payment processors and may have made the mistake of mixing player funds with their operating fund or might have spent more than they can. At times, it also means that they are running a shady operation.

There have been instances when bad online casinos owe players money, and due to some dispute, they refuse to pay, saying that the player violated the terms and conditions. It is okay if that is actually the case, but if it is not, then it is highly likely that the casino is a scam.

Withdrawal frauds are unjustified, and any casino doing this falls under the blacklisted list. No matter what the reason for the refusal or delay in payment, it is unacceptable.

2. Slow and Unpleasant KYC Process

At times, you will come across fake online casinos that take ages to complete the KYC verification process. Usually, the KYC process shouldn’t take more than a few days. However, there are sites that can take up to a month. This can be quite frustrating as it keeps you from getting your money.

slow kyc

Again, there are few sites out there that complicate the KYC process. It might ask you to provide excess details and ask for proof that is generally not required. When you are unable to provide them, the fake online casino will just refuse to pay the money you have won.

So, if we find fake online casinos taking longer than usual to verify the details or have a complicated KYC process, we include it in the blacklisted casinos.

3. Deposit Methods that Don’t Work

To play for real money, you have to deposit real money into a gambling site. Without real money bets, you cannot win real cash. However, there are certain sites out there that might offer a wide range of deposit options that don’t work. They might be either restricted in the region where you are staying or don’t accept your currency. This makes it difficult for a player to make a deposit to play.

Such online casinos too fall in the category of cheats; so you should avoid them at all costs.

4. Lack of Owner Information

To ensure that the site belongs to the owner it claims, we check the platform. But you should know that fake online casinos generally lack owner information. They don’t list the name of the owner or the company registration number. This should be a red flag.

Usually, the information about the owner, license, and registration number is present at the base of the online casino. In case you don’t find it there, you can check their ‘About Us’ page. However, if you don’t find owner information anywhere on the gambling site, there is a chance that the casino is dishonest and is only looking to scam customers.

5. Rude/Impolite Customer Support of Affiliate Managers

Players should feel reassured and secure, that if they encounter any issue the support team is there to help them out. Bad online casinos that are fraudsters and end up on our list usually have rude or unresponsive customer support. They ignore the players when they need the support.

bad customer support

A casino should address the requirements of the customers from time to time. It is the number of complaints and the ways in which they address the complaints that really matter.

Blacklisted casinos usually fall short in this area. Gamblers often have difficulty getting in touch with customer service in times of need.

How to Spot a Fake or Fraud Online Casino?

Before you play with a gambling site, you should have a checklist to determine if it is cheating its customers of money or has a pattern of unethical behavior. Some of the common signs to spot a blacklisted casino are given below. These are some blanket things you should look for that raise a concern and get you digging a little deeper.

  1. Unfair Games: Blacklisted casinos rip off games and change the playing session in a manner that you don’t get an edge. So, you lose most of the time. Often, it tweaks free games to favor the players and encourage them to play games that are less fair.
  2. Non-Payment: For some unknown reasons, the blacklisted casino sometimes refuses to pay the win amount to the players. Sure, reputable casinos might have reasons like the player using malpractices or cheating. However, scammers use these reasons as their excuse to prove the gambler is wrong.
  3. Scrupulous Terms and Conditions: Shady casinos adopt unfair means, such as 75x or 100x wagering requirements for bonus rollover for capping the amount you can win through the bonus. These are the malpractices that Blacklisted casinos use that you should be aware of.
  4. License and Regulation: If a gambling site says it is licensed with a certain gambling authority but it is not or the state their location in an area where gambling is illegal, it enables them to get away with their caprice. This can be a horrible experience for you. So, to spot fake online casinos, make sure you check the license and registration.
  5. Lack of Updates: Security updates are highly important. Sure, you might not be able to check the security updates happening, but you can check the updates on the interface, promotions, downloadable clients, and website. So, if you don’t see a site making any sort of updates, it shows that they are not doing anything to make things better. Even though nothing might be wrong with the security, it is still lazy. We want to be a part of sites that are offering new things and are constantly innovating.

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Report Fraud & Scammers to Us

We try to do our best to keep the above list updated. However, it is difficult to catch every fraudster before they cheat some players. This is the reason you should know the red flags. If you come across a blacklisted casino that is not on our list, report it to us. This will help us review the site and include it on the list.

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