King Exchange – Online Betting Alternatives

king exchange logo King Exchange is an Illegal Betting site where over 100,000 players used to bet on sports each month. This is a big problem for all players as they are associating themselves with an Illegal Organization. King Exchange is now Banned in India, but you can still enjoy betting on cricket and other sports by choosing any one of the legal betting sites below.

King Exchange – Top 10 Legal Betting Alternatives

1. Khelo Sports

Khelo Sports – Sports Betting and Online Casino in India with 100% Welcome Bonus.

100% Welcome Bonus up to Rs 1 Lakh

2. Lucky Niki

For many reasons, Lucky Niki is a top online betting site in India. But its awesome Bonus offers are our favorites.

250 Free Spins + Biggest Bonus of 100% upto ₹1,00,000

3. 10Cric Casino

10Cric is made for cricket lovers. It has lots of betting options that will make you forget King Exchange.

100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹15,000

4. 22Bet

22Bet is 100 times better than King Exchange. You will love playing on this website with easy deposit and withdrawal process.

Get 100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹25,000

5. Jeet Play

Jeet Play is very popular with Indian Gamblers.

Welcome Bonus 100% up to ₹70,000

6. 20Bet

20Bet is one of the biggest sites of the world. It has huge sports collections and betting options.

100% Betting Bonus upto Rs. 9000

7. BollyBet

Bollybet has fun Bollywood themed betting interface, as compared to dull interface of King Exchange.

100% Sportsbook Bonus upto Rs. 50k

8. Casumo

Casumo is one of the most trustable sites of the world. It accepts all your favourite payment methods.

Get 2X Deposit Bonus up to ₹1000

9. 888Casino

888Sport is well-known brand internationally. King Exchange is like a small baby in front of 888Sport.

100% Bonus Up to $200 Welcome Bonus

10. Pure Casino

Pure Win Betting options are very simple and straightforward for beginners. Its fun to play here.

Get 100% first deposit bonus up to ₹90,000.

King Exchange Info

King Exchange Status Banned & Illegal
Sports Offered Cricket, Tennis & Football
Lottery Available
Horse Racing Yes
Trustworthy No
Gambling License None
Owner Mahadev Book Team
Contact Number 8828888888

What is King Exchange?

King Exchange was established as an online casino and betting platform to play, bet, and win money. The site allowed individuals to bet on almost every aspect of various sports. From betting on bowler’s odds to tossing, the King exchange betting site facilitates everything.

king exchange logo

Not only full-time results, but you can also bet on possibly every aspect of an IPL match, from the toss to how the bowlers will fare and the odds on a batsman scoring a hundred. Players need to register their online accounts using their details. However, as lucrative as it may seem, King Exchange isn’t a legal betting site which means you should avoid playing or betting.

Is King Exchange Legal in India?

Simply put, King exchange is an illegal betting site. The site owners were arrested last month and were accused on charges of forgery and cheating under the Indian Penal Code sections.

Betting & Gambling Options Available at King Exchange

Here are the various betting and gaming options available at King Exchange.

Sports Betting

It is no surprise that Indians like participating in, attending, and watching sports. Betting on sports may be entertaining and rewarding since it allows you to demonstrate your expertise while also potentially earning money.

King Exchange features betting on sports such as Esports, football, basketball, golf, tennis. In addition, participants receive various betting bonuses for playing sports games on the site.


The online gaming business is quickly expanding, and new and creative casinos are capturing gamers’ hearts. Plus, whether you play jackpot slots, slots tournaments, poker tournaments, or any other game, there’s always a possibility you’ll win a huge reward.

King Exchange has several casino games available. As a result, you would experience a perfect live gaming experience. There are also classic table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and Baccarat.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of India’s most popular betting sports, including traditional bookies and pool betting. King exchange, too, provides payers with an option to bet on horse races. The display will adapt to your tiny screen automatically during horse racing. All features are accessible, including live streaming and results/stats.

You may make deposits and bets on the go. King exchanges online horse racing betting assists you in picking your option too by giving information outlining the results of prior races.

Why should you play at Legal Alternatives to King Exchange?

There aren’t any federal laws or rules against betting on online platforms in India. Every state decides what laws to impose on online betting. It is to be noted that only a limited number of Indian states restrict online betting and don’t allow access to the King Exchange betting site & similar.

king exchange is illegal

The offshore betting platforms are not only a legal alternative to King Exchange, but they also have well-recognized gambling licenses from high-end authorities. Hence, every bookie needs to meet the set safety rules and regulations. In case they fail to meet these requirements, they may end up losing their licenses.

King Exchange Betting Site’s Owners are in Jail Today

King exchange is an illegal betting site. The site’s owners have been accused of forging and fixing various sports events. The site is associated with various scandals as they use inside info for betting. Resultantly, the site owners ended up in jail because of the serious charges against them.

Why are Foreign Betting Sites a Better choice for Indians?

As mentioned earlier, there is a lack of a specific set of laws in online betting. Hence, playing at offshore betting platforms is better for Indian residents as they are licensed and legal in their territories.

The foreign betting sites function in areas with no laws or regulations against online betting for Indian players. Also, unlike King exchange, these sites are safe and completely secure for gambling and betting.

Foreign Betting Sites accept UPI, Google Pay & Paytm

Payment methods like UPI, Google Pay & Paytm have made it quite easy for players to transfer funds safely. They have a customer-friendly interface and facilitate individuals with simple and easy deposit methods.

foreign betting sites accept upi google pay paytm

For this reason, foreign betting sites that are legal alternatives to King exchange betting sites have now started accepting payments through UPI, Google, and others.

King Exchange Alternative Sites are Safe and Honest

When betting online, it’s critical to be secure. In fact, it should be the top concern when evaluating a betting site. Gaming sites that are the safest are always available in nations where gambling is legal and regulated.

To obtain a license from the government in these nations, these sites must undergo quality inspections and adhere to rigorous restrictions. It’s usually wise to do some research before choosing a betting site.

Check out reviews of different sites and find out what users have to say about it. Any serious adverse remark about the platform should be a sign of caution. There are a lot of legit sites around that are committed to providing the best to all players.

Some of the platforms include Betway, Comeon, 10Cric, and the like.

Sports & Tournament You can Bet Online on the Above Sites

There are a lot of different games you could indulge in on these legit sites. The options available are just endless. You just need to narrow down your niche and look for a game that you enjoy. To help you decide better, here are some of the options.

Cricket & IPL

IPL 2021 is a fantastic event to bet on, with a lot of interest from former King Exchange cricket bettors. When it comes to making wagers, IPL betting companies in India ratchet up their efforts and provide a broader range of markets for the yearly tournament. In fact, IPL is the most better event on King Exchange as well.

Indian IPL gamblers often choose the gaming sites included in our recommendations. They are one of the few sports betting sites that allow credit cards and other payment methods in Indian Rupee (INR).


While nothing compares to the love for cricket that Indians have for the game, football isn’t far behind. Most Indians are now just as involved in European football competitions as they would be in a regional cricket match, thanks to pop culture and its ever-expanding influence!

Choosing a decent betting site might be challenging when you’re just getting started with football betting in India.

Political Election Results

In India, everyone has their own opinion on which party will win the upcoming elections. It’s no surprise that online betting firms have begun to include election betting as one of their primary betting markets. Not just India, people used platforms like King Exchange to bet on US Election results as well.

Online gamblers may select which candidate they think will win the election or which party will have the most seats. While election betting is not as popular as cricket or hockey betting, it is steadily gaining popularity. With significant political elections taking place worldwide, election bettors should expect a steady stream of betting opportunities.

Final Words

So this was all about the King Exchange Betting site and its legal alternatives. All of the above-listed options will offer you a top-tier, safe, and legal betting experience. To find the right betting site compare the various features of different sites and then round off the ones that suit your unique betting needs. Also, consider their betting odds, betting markets, and sports.