Ludo Supreme Gold – Tips & Tricks to Win with 10+ Alternative Games & Sites

Ludo is a legendary game that has been passed on for generations as the best time pass. It has its roots in ancient games, which were called by multiple other names but had the same gameplay. However, today, the evolution of Ludo has taken the game to a whole new level by bringing it online.

Everyone knows that every get-together or party is incomplete without board games like Ludo. Also, the fun of playing Ludo doubles up when the stakes are high, i.e., people bet on the outcomes. Keeping these things in mind, Zupee has brought forth the all-new Ludo Supreme Gold.

Today, we will discuss in detail this amazing game that is gaining prominence in India. Also, we shall discuss some other alternatives which can offer you a much better gaming experience!

Quick Intro

Ludo Supreme Gold app is a simple and easy Ludo game app created and managed by CashGrail Private Limited. This is the same company that has launched the famous Zupee Gold app. The company is known to provide engaging gaming apps to users with which they can earn money in a fun way. 

This game is designed to provide a new touch to the traditional board game by involving betting and other opportunities to earn money in the same. It is a simple-to-use yet feature-packed multiplayer platform. The game allows you to play with friends or strangers sitting far away from you through the internet. It is legal to play and bet on Online Ludo Games in India.

How to download Ludo Supreme Gold?


There are only two things you need to have to play Ludo Supreme Gold on your phone- the app and some money. It works on both Android and iOS, and you can easily download the app from their official website. The steps to download and begin playing with Ludo Supreme Gold are mentioned below- 

  • Visit the official website of Ludo Supreme Gold. 
  • You will get a button that says, “Download the app.” Click on the button, and navigate through the process of downloading the app. 
  • You can even go to the App Store or Play Store to find and download the “Zupee (Ludo Supreme Gold)” app. 
  • Open the app. By entering your phone number and your email id, register yourself on the app. 
  • They will ask for verification, for which you need to enter the OTP that comes on your mobile. 
  • To begin playing, you need to deposit some money through your preferred payment mode. 
  • Choose the tournament or challenge you like and Voila! You are all set to play! 

Bonuses and Rewards

When you download the app through the website, you get Rs. 10 free in your initial deposits. Apart from that, it offers a referral bonus of upto Rs. 150 when you refer the app to your friends. However, there are no major bonus options besides these two. 

How to play Ludo? (basic info)

Ludo Supreme Gold, just like the regular Ludo game, is a multi-player strategy board game. The minimum number of players needs to be two, and the maximum can be four. The steps involved in playing Ludo on Ludo Supreme Gold include the following- 

  • Select the format you want to play- 1 vs. 1, 1 winner, 2 winners, and 3 winners
  • Select the tournament type- with entry fee or without entry free. It must be noted that you can either choose to play Ludo without risking money, or you can place bets to earn more money. 
  • To being the game, you need to roll the dice. You need get a 6 to make your first move, and then move steps forward according to the number the dice shows you. 
  • With every box you move ahead, you can earn a point. For even the token you earn, you get additional 56 points
  • The player or the team with the most points wins the game at the end. 
  • The estimated time for a 2-minute game is 8 minutes, while the same for a 4-player game is around 10 minutes

Top 10 Alternative to play Ludo and win Real Money Online

1. Casillio

Casillio is a new online casino that has just launched in India. They have what it takes to be the best casino in this list in the future.

100% Refund on Loss up to ₹2000

2. BetShah

BetShah is a nice alternative site to Ludo Supreme Gold bet on Ludo games. Is has some of the greatest bonuses and rewards for Indian Players.

Rs. 2500 Sports Bonus & Rs. 1 Lakh Casino Bonus.

3. Casino Days

For many reasons, Casino days is amongst the top online casino in India. But its awesome Bonus+Free Spins offer are our favorites.

₹1Lakh Casino Deposit Bonus over your first 3 deposits.

4. NYSpins

NYSpins is popular among players from India because of their amazing free spins offer. It can be a great alternative site to Ludo Supreme Gold.

First Deposit Bonus up to ₹10,000 and 200 Free Spins

5. LeoVegas

LeoVegas brings the Vibes of Real Casinos of Vegas to your Mobile or Laptop. Enjoy a Whole new style of gaming with LeoVegas.

First Deposit Bonus of 100% up to ₹75,000

6. Casumo

Casumo is perhaps the best online casino in India and a better alternative to Ludo Supreme Gold at the moment. They have Casino and Betting both along with easy to use mobile apps.

150% Casino Bonus up to ₹15,000 + ₹101 Daily for 7 days

7. Twin Casino

Twin is a top online casino with awesome slots and jackpot games. Their website is fun and interactive too.

100% Bonus up to ₹40,000 + 400 Free Spins

8. Genesis

One of the Most Dominant Real Money Casino Brands in India. Chances are you've already heard of them.

₹30,000 Bonus + 20 Free Spins!

9. Pure Casino

Accepts Deposits via All Leading Banks like HDFC, ICICI, SBI & More. Pure is getting more popular in India as they add support for Hindi and other languages.

Get 100% first deposit bonus up to ₹90,000.

10. Rabona

Rabona is one of the top online casinos in India to offer sports betting. Their bonuses are amazing than Ludo Supreme Gold.

Get First Deposit Bonus upto ₹8000

Quick Facts

Bunuses annd Rewards Rs. 10 free.
Currencies INR, USD etc.
Language Support Multiple Language Support
Referral Bonus ₹150
Alternatives BetShah, Casillio, Pure Casino etc
Live Chat Available

Rules and Regulations of this Game


While the setup and gameplay of Ludo Supreme Gold are the same as classic Ludo, some of the rules and regulations are different. It is a game of skills. The major set of rules involved in this game include the following- 

  • You can start playing without getting a 6 on the dice. 
  • If you get 6, you have to take another turn. 
  • When you land on the safe box, your opponent cannot cut you, even if they are on the same box. 
  • If your opponent reaches the same box as yours, your token will be cut and sent back to the starting point, and you will leave all the tokens you earned. 
  • Due to an internet connection or inattentiveness, if you lose your chance twice, you automatically lose the game. 
  • If you are unable to play your turn within 10 seconds of the dice, your turn automatically skips. 
  • If you get 6 thrice on the dice consecutively, you need to skip your turn. 

Special features of this app

Some unique features make Ludo Supreme Gold different than basic Ludo and all other Ludo apps, Some of the special features of this app are mentioned below- 

  • The app allows you to play with your family and friends, given they have a good internet connection, even if they are not sitting with you. 
  • You can even play solo with strangers. Apart from this, you are given a chance to play it as a 2-player, 3-player, or 4-player game. 
  • You can easily invite your friends and family through Whatsapp and other means to play the game with you. Also, when a person signs up using your referral code, you earn Rs. 150
  • The best thing about this app is that you can invest real money in the game. If you play well and have higher chances of winning, you can earn a lot of money through this app while enjoying the fun. 

Top 5 App: Other Alternatives (Android/iOS)

Because Ludo is a popular skill game, especially in India, there are a few other alternatives to this game where you can enjoy playing and betting. Some prominent options are mentioned below. 

  1. Ludo Empire– Features like counter mode and the chance to earn money through PayTM make it a popular app amongst Indians. The game finishes faster and is a quick fun way to play Ludo. 
  2. Ludo King– It is probably the first choice for playing Ludo for every Indian. It has a simple UX with great features, which people love. 
  3. MPL– MPL offers players the to play multiple games with the betting option, including Ludo. Here, you can play over 100 games and earn real money. 
  4. Paytm First Games– It is another trusted option for the Indians, where they can win real money by playing fun games, including Ludo. 
  5. Ludo Fantasy– With great graphics, Ludo Fantasy is another Ludo game for all devices, which also has a quick mode for short games. 

Strategies to play and win at Ludo and Supreme Gold

If you are not an expert at Ludo and still want to ensure your win on Ludo Supreme Gold, we have curated a list of special strategies that can help you win. Checkout some amazing tips below- 

  • Play Consistently

Ludo Supreme Gold brings up new challenges and tournaments for regular players, in which the winning potential is quite high. You must always be updated with the challenges and tournaments in the game and play consistently. 

  • Bring Out Your Tokens First

Whenever you get a six, the right move to make is to bring out the pending tokens instead of moving the ones that are outside. Chances of winning increase significantly when you open all your pieces from the start. 

  • Try to Kill Your Opponents

You must make every move carefully, and see if you can kill the token of your opponent with any number. If you fail to do so, they will probably kill you before you do. 

  • Keep Gap Between Your Throws

Whenever you roll the dice, try to ensure that the timing of doing so is different every time. When it’s your turn, you must not hastily click on the dice button but use a different time every time. 

  • Keep Your Pieces Scattered

To ensure your tokens are capable of killing the opponents, you need to keep your pieces scattered all over the board instead of stacking them in one place. 

Customer Support Services


Customers often complain that they face a lot of technical or connection problems while playing this game. It has to upgrade its generative AI tool for new game creativity. This leads to them losing, and they are unsatisfied. Also, when they contain the customer support, they are unable to get the expected service quality. This is why people often stop playing this game or investing money in it after some time. 

Final Verdict

We believe that Ludo Supreme Gold is an indulging and exciting game, but the developers need to work harder on the interface and bugs of the game. Also, we do not recommend you put a lot of money into the game, as there are high chances you will end up losing them because of connectivity troubles. You get to play with strangers, but they can also be the computer system. So you need to be really careful about investing your money here. Also, you can check out the more reliable options (as mentioned above) before making your final decision.