Tivit Bet Alternatives: Explore Top 8 Sites that Offer 100% Welcome Bonus

Discovering the best alternatives to Tivit Bet Casino? Let’s have a quick look at the top 8 sites of Tivit Bet, where you can find a 100% welcome bonus.

Top 8 Alternative Sites

1. BigBoost

BigBoost puts its players first, ensuring their enjoyment with a diverse selection of casino games.

Welcome, offer ₹1 Lakh over your first 3 deposits!

2. BetShah

BetShah is best alternative to Tivit Bet. It has Indian Friendly payment methods and a variety of games.

Rs. 2500 Sports Bonus & Rs. 1 Lakh Casino Bonus.

3. 22Bet

22Bet is Popular in India for Sports Betting and Online Casinos. It Accepts easy payment options like PayTM, Skrill & Neteller.

Get 100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹25,000

4. 10Cric Casino

10Cric is among the most popular sites in India. It has a lot to offer for casino players as well with many fun games.

100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹15,000

5. Lucky Niki

For many reasons, Lucky Niki is a top online betting site in India. But its awesome Bonus offers are our favorites.

250 Free Spins + Biggest Bonus of 100% upto ₹1,00,000

6. 20Bet

20Bet is a newly launched casino in 2020. It is the latest online casino from TechSolutions Group N.V. The casino group has always been popular for its excellence. 20Bet casino surely lives up to the reputation of the group.

100% Betting Bonus upto Rs. 9000

7. Jackpot Guru

Jackpot Guru is the most trusted online casino site amongst Indian players. It has great bonuses and rewards.

Welcome Offer – Up to ₹100,000 and 20 Free Spins

8. MegaRush

Megarush is an amazing online casino to play popular slots, live casino, and table games.

Welcome Bonus up to ₹30,000

TivitBet – Overview

TivitBet - Overview Tivit Bet is an iGaming platform, which welcomes you to a world of online casinos and gaming platforms. With the colorful user interface and a wide array of games, it toils for providing a better online gaming experience to the bettors. On the contrary, it is also crucial to stay updated about the challenging situations that players might encounter on this online betting destination.

While Tivit Bet offers a better gaming experience, certain factors make this betting site unfavorable for many players. At times, withdrawals on this platform cause delays, which becomes the primary reason for the inconvenience for enthusiastic players. Another factor that proves to be a disappointment for the players is the unresponsive customer support. Additionally, the welcome bonus at the Tivit Bet is nothing but a major disappointment. 

Even after some disadvantages, many players prefer to continue with their luck on Tivit Bet as they find the platform entertaining and vibrant. As we move forward with discovering alternative betting platforms, it is vital to compare all the pros and cons of these sites to ensure a hassle-free experience in your betting journey.

How to get started?

To begin playing on the Tivit Bet platform, there are certain steps that every player must follow. The registration process requires a few easy processes. 

Continue with opening the Tivit website and go to the “Sign Up” or “Registration” button. Further, you’ll then need to provide some basic information which mentions your phone number and email address. You also need to add currency for playing several games.

After adding the information, proceed by clicking on the registration button and verify your registration process by mentioning the OTP received on the registered mobile number. After the confirmation through the verification process, you are all good to move ahead with your gaming adventure.

Other than this, you can also begin playing by directly logging in through your existing Gmail account. While registering on this betting destination, make sure to provide the correct information as it will ensure the hassle-free registration process. Moreover, you will get a free hand to enjoy all the perks offered by this gaming platform.

When it comes to the legal status of the Tivit Bet platform in India, several complexities need to be clearly understood. The central government in India does not welcome any online betting or iGaming platform, but some states within the country allow the wonders of online betting.

Some states provide easy methods to enjoy the online gambling world, however, some prefer to stay strict about these gaming sites. If you are willing to enjoy the winnings of online gambling In India, you must check with the local authorities

The reason for verifying with the local lawmakers is to avoid any interference in the future course of online betting activities. Taking this step cuts down the risks and any legal concerns related to this online gaming adventure.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and Withdrawals When it comes to deposits and withdrawals at the Tivit Bet, the platform has its specifications. Let’s delve a bit deeper into the process of deposit and withdrawal on the platform so that it can become easy for you to make an informed decision.


The deposit method on the platform is quite complicated. Firstly, transfer the funds in any currency to begin your gaming adventure. The twist here is that the deposited amount will be shown converted to the USD currency

In fact, the exchange rate on the fund deposits is also borne by the players. Not only the exchange rate but any other extra clearing fee over the payment methods also needs to be cleared by the bettors themselves.

The option for payment methods can be seen on the gaming website and you need to verify that the money that has been used for betting belongs to your account. The details mentioned on the payment method must match the personal information you entered at the time of registration.

Another factor that complicates the deposit process is the processing time of the funds into the account. After the completion of the identification process, the betting platform will take up to 3 business days.


When it comes to the withdrawal of funds from the platform, the process is the same as for the deposits. The minimum withdrawal amount on the platform is 5.00 USD, 5.00 EUR, or 100.00 RUB. 

Additionally, you can only withdraw funds if the funds for keeping the funds in the account have been reached. Moreover, the company reserves all the rights to divide the amount into smaller parts that you wish to withdraw.

The moment you earn 100% of the deposited amount, you will become eligible to release the funds from the Tivit Bet account. The other factor that influences the withdrawal process is the method and amount of the transfer.

Pros and Cons

Understanding these pros and cons can help potential players make informed decisions based on their preferences and priorities when choosing an iGaming platform like Tivit Bet. Every betting platform has its advantages and disadvantages and the same goes for the Tivit Bet iGaming platform. To know more about the benefits and drawbacks, let’s go a bit further.


1. Multiple Gaming Options

Tivit Bet offers a diverse range of gaming options, providing users with a variety of choices to suit their preferences. This can enhance the overall gaming experience and cater to a broader audience.

2. Easy Registration Process

The platform boasts a straightforward and user-friendly registration process. Easy onboarding can attract more users, ensuring a smooth start for new customers who may be discouraged by complicated sign-up procedures on other platforms.


1. Complicated Deposits and Fees

Users may find the deposit process on Tivit Bet to be complex, potentially involving confusing steps or unclear instructions. Additionally, the presence of fees for deposits could be a drawback, as some users prefer platforms with transparent and minimal transaction costs.

2. Withdrawal Processing Time

Tivit Bet may have a drawback in terms of withdrawal processing time. If the time taken to process withdrawals is lengthy, it could lead to frustration among users who prefer quick access to their winnings.

3. Limited Bonuses

The platform offers a limited range of bonuses, which may be a disadvantage compared to competitors that provide a more extensive and varied bonus system. Users often appreciate platforms that offer regular promotions, bonuses, and rewards.

4. Limited Customer Care Options

Tivit Bet may have a drawback in terms of customer support options. If there are limited channels for users to seek assistance or if the response time is slow, it can negatively impact customer satisfaction.

Alternative sites offer a 100% Bonus

On Tivit Bet alternatives, players can enjoy exciting bonuses, making their gaming experience even more thrilling. One standout offer is the 100% bonus, where players receive an additional amount equal to their deposit. 

This means if you put in $50, you get an extra $50 to play with, doubling the fun! Moreover, these alternative sites often have various referral bonuses, giving players extra perks for inviting friends to join the gaming community. 

Referral bonuses work like friendly rewards. When your friend signs up and starts playing, you both get bonuses. It’s like a high-five in the gaming world. 

Some platforms go beyond loyalty bonuses, thanking players for sticking around and playing regularly. So, not only do players get a boost at the beginning, but they also keep enjoying bonuses as they keep playing. It’s like getting surprise gifts just to have a good time. 

Overall, these bonuses create a welcoming and rewarding atmosphere, making the gaming journey on Tivit Bet alternatives an exciting and enjoyable adventure for everyone.

Similar sites have Anti-Money-Laundering Policy for its players

Similar sites have Anti-Money-Laundering Policy for its players

Similar sites to Tivit Bet prioritize the safety of their players by having an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy. This policy helps in stopping bad activities like money laundering and making sure that the money being used on the site is clean and obtained legally. 

These sites take extra steps to verify the identity of their users and keep an eye on any suspicious transactions. By doing this, they create a secure and trustworthy environment for everyone who plays on their platform. 

Tivit Bet alternatives work hard to follow regulations and guidelines to prevent any misuse of their platform for illegal financial activities. This commitment to having a strong AML policy not only protects the users but also contributes to the overall integrity of the gaming community on these platforms. 

So, if you’re someone who values a secure and fair gaming environment, considering alternatives to Tivit Bet with robust Anti-Money Laundering policies is a smart choice.

3 Main Reasons Why Similar Sites Are Better than Tivit Bet

Tivit Bet is a platform that has been accepted by many users from all over the world, but there are a few factors that come out as a huge dissatisfaction among the users. Let’s understand some of the engrossing factors that showcase that the alternatives are better than Tivit Bet.

Variety of Games

The alternatives of Tivit Bet offer a wide range of games. You can find yourself engaged in live sports betting and many casino games. The intriguing variety on the platform will always keep you enthusiastic about playing more and more games.

Secure Payment Gateways

Another factor that makes alternative betting platforms preferable is their safe payment methods. The gateways are secure and are spam-proof on the alternative sites.

Responsible Gambling Policy

When it comes to the policies of alternative betting platforms, they are stringent and in the best interests of the players. The responsible gaming policy of the alternative sites is a testament to the safe and secure winnings on online gaming platforms.

Why Do Experts Suggest Alternative Sites?

Gaming experts have a different approach when it comes to suggesting any online gaming platform. Their feedback is like a blueprint for a building that will give you a much clearer view. Let’s have a look at what emphasis these sites have and what suggestions experts offer for the alternative sites.

User Experience

The interface of the alternative websites is easy to use. As it is one of the most critical aspects of any online gambling platform, experts believe that the alternative sites are more qualified in terms of Tivit Bet. 

The focal point of these websites is to make usage easy and comfortable for the players, even for those who are new to the world of online betting.

Mobile Friendliness

If I ask a friend for that one feature they require while playing a game, then it will surely be the mobility of the platform. That is why, mobile friendliness is an important factor as per the experts.

The mobile application of the platform ensures players that they can enjoy betting in their comfort, making the whole process enjoyable as well as easily accessible.

Security and Trust

Security and Trust Security and Trust are one of the major important factors that players consider when looking for an online gaming platform. Every individual, whether a novice or a pro, looks for a platform where they can rely unconditionally and enjoy their gaming sessions without any interruption.

The trustworthiness and reliability of the platform are easily available on the alternatives of the Tivit Bet app. While players showed some concerns about the security of their personal information as well as about withdrawing money on the Tivit Bet, the alternatives of the site show signs of security and trust.

Customer Support 

Customer support is an integral part of any services providing application or platform. When it comes to alternative sites, these sites will never leave you disappointed.

Not only you will get quick assistance but can also get quick responses to questions resonating with withdrawals, bonuses, or any general inquiries. Unlike the Tivit Bet customer care number, you can contact the customer care of the alternative sites easily. Also, you can easily get your answers through FAQs, and live chat services.

The customer service staff of these platforms will leave you heard and valued. Moreover, the forte of the customer support staff is to provide quick resolutions to the customer’s problems, so they make sure that you enjoy every step of the process.

Ending Words

Tivit Bet is a reasonable betting option, however, its alternatives are more efficient when it comes to bonuses, referrals, faster payouts, and trendy virtual games. 

The alternative sites of Tivit Bet ensure a friendly and trustworthy betting experience, showcasing results through easy deposits and faster withdrawals. The customer support staff of the alternative sites also become a trustworthy companion throughout your gaming journey.

So, pick any of the above-mentioned alternatives and begin your gaming journey with a supportive and friendly group of online games.