Top 10 Lottosmile Alternatives for Indians with UPI Payment Options

Lottosmile is an Indian lottery concierge service. It was primarily developed as an alternative to theLotter, which is its international online lottery winning platform.  Only people who live in India can play this game and sign up for it. Users in other parts of the world need to use a safe and adequate website to play it. 

While Lottosmile is an exact replica of its international version, there are some issues with its security and features in India. This is why most users suggest you use better alternatives. But we will not make your opinion for you. We will just talk about the features of Lottosmile and some of its competitors so that you can decide which one you like better. 

Lottosmile: Online lottery site in India

Lottosmile was established in 2002, and it is an exact copy of theLotter- its sister platform. However, theLotter is much more feature-packed, and some of these features are not present in the Indian site. 

On this platform, users can buy tickets from different of the world. If your lottery wins, you are entitled to money. The lottery options here are similar to theLotter, but the Indian version does not support playing with scratch cards. To date, there has been no Indian player that was able to win the lottery. 

Is it legal to play online lottery in India?

Lotteries are quite famous in India. However, some states have banned physical lotteries as the Lotteries Regulation Act of 1988 allows the states to make their own rules regarding lotteries. However, there is no rule that talks about online lotteries in India. 

So yes, you will not be penalized if you indulge in online lottery platforms. When we consider Lottosmile, it is a safe and legitimate platform. The owners of Lottosmile are the same as the owners of theLotter, which is a legal game worldwide. Thus, there is no harm in playing online lotteries, as per the law. 

The reality of its Customer Support (Negative)

Lottosmile is a relatively new platform in India. It has a lot to work on, including its customer support. Users are not happy with the kind of customer support they offer. 

While it offers a plethora of customer support options such as chat, email, and FAQs section, the support is not quick enough. Also, there is no option of getting help via calls, which disappoints the users. 

Payment Methods are not Indian Friendly

There are only two ways in which you can deposit or withdraw money in Lottosmile. These are Visa and Mastercard Debit/Credit Cards. This comes as a huge disappointment to the users. Indian users like to make payments through easier modes, such as UPI, internet banking and phone banking, etc. However, they cannot do the same through this app. 

Play Risk-Free on its Alternative Sites

  • Bhaggyalakshmi Lottery

Bhaggyalakshmi lottery is one of the oldest online lottery platforms in India, with an amazing experience in the field. Its management team is very effective, and its gameplay is based on the preferences of the Indian audience. The plus point is that it allows users to make payments through Net Banking, UPI, and other such options. 

  • Lotto India

Lotto is a new yet effective online lottery game in India. It is easy to play, and the chances of winning are quite high with this app. It has lucky draws on Tuesdays and Fridays, and you can win crores of rupees by investing a little. Also, the winnings are automatically transferred into your account within a little time. 

  • Today lottery

It is one of the best online lottery sites in India- at least, the customer reviews say o! It is safe, reliable, and legitimate, and with this, you can win bonuses every time you purchase lottery tickets. If you are an Indian player, you can make deposits or withdraw money easily through UPI, Visa, PayTM, etc. 

  • Lottery guru

Lottery Guru allows you to buy lottery tickets from a plethora of apps around the world. You can earn jackpots by selecting your preferred lottery type and provider. You can play on this app from anywhere, safely and legitimately. It also accepts UPI as a method for deposits and withdrawals. 

  • India free spins

Best known for its free spins and bonus options, is a legitimate lottery site for Indians. It also offers upto 100% welcome bonus and upto 200 free spins for each user. It is one of the most-played Indian casino apps, with many rewards and higher chances of winning. 

  • Kerela lottery online

This online lottery site is in partnership with the Kerala government itself. Thus, there is no doubt about its legitimacy. On this platform, you can win up to 10 crore bumper price. Apart from this, there are many other chances to win by paying as less as Rs. 40. It is one of the most popular websites for online lottery players in Kerela and the whole of India. 

  • Lottoland Asia

Lottoland is an Asian lottery platform that is played in many Asian countries. It has come to India recently and has gained a lot of fame due to its amazing interface and gameplay. Apart from lotteries, it lets the users win through Casino, Roulette, Gullak Gold, and many other Jackpot options. Here, you can win through daily games, weekly or monthly games, or special events and challenges. 

  • Trulia

Trulia is an online platform that sells Nagaland dear lottery and other forms of lottery tickets. You can make payments through net banking or UPI and purchase your lottery ticket easily at Trulia. It is a famous lottery purchasing app for Indians and allows them to win through many bumper options. 

  • Lottery point

Through the platform of Lottery point, you can purchase many Indian as well as international lotteries. You can make payments from your preferred payment mode, such as debit/credit cards, net banking, UPI, etc. It is easy to use and play and has offices where you can take your grievances too. 

  • Kerala lottery online buy

One of the most famous online lottery sites owned and operated in India is the Keralalotteryonlinebuy. It provides lottery tickets starting from Rs. 40, which increases winning chances for users. It is made for the Indian audience and accepts almost all Indian payment methods. 

Why do we recommend Alternative Lottery Sites?

You might be wondering why we are giving you so many alternative lottery purchasing options. When Lottosmile is a globally acclaimed option, why isn’t it good enough? Let us explain. If you live in India, you are well-versed with the Indian procedures. 

One of the main factors here includes the payment methods and the legality of the app. While Lottosmile is not illegal, there are many other apps that are directly supported by Indian state governments. So instead of choosing to play on these reliable apps, why would you choose to play on a foreign app?

Also, the customer support of Lottosmile isn’t favorable to Indian players. Instead, Indians can approach local and reliable gaming platforms in case of any trouble, especially the ones concerning money. So if you are cautious about your money, you should think twice before investing in Lottosmile. 

Let us talk about more factors that will help you understand what’s wrong with Lottosmile. 


The security parameters of Lottosmile are unclear. This is why users do not have complete faith in the same. A good online lottery app always tells what measures it has taken to ensure the security of the user’s information and money. 

In this regard, Lottosmile isn’t the best option, as there is no correct information about its security options. As a result, users are unable to believe in it completely. 

Quick Payments

In India, the quickest payments are made through UPI and net banking. However, it is sad that Lottosmile offers no such payment modes to the users. In fact, it only supports Visa and Mastercard, and people who do not have these modes are unable to make payments altogether. 

As a result, deposits and withdrawals with Lottosmile aren’t as quick as they should be. 

Amazing Bonuses

Many other Indian lottery apps there offer amazing bonuses to users. Consequently, the chances of winning increase for the users. This makes them play more on such sites. However, Lottosmile does not offer any such bonuses which keep the users hooked. 

Responsible Gaming

To promote responsible gaming, the Indian lottery apps offer options to the users, such as a limit on spending and tracking spending. However, international apps such as Lottosmile do not care about the user’s money and does, do not promote responsible gaming. 

Players Review: Time to Switch

Players have a lot of questions and concerns about the app Lottosmile. They are unable to understand its security and legality parameters, and thus they prefer to switch to other apps which they can bank upon. No Indian player has ever won the bumper prize on Lottosmile, and thus, people feel disappointed and eventually switch to better platforms. 

Final Words

It would be wise to say that you must choose a lottery platform only after conducting proper research. You must not start investing your precious money anywhere, especially in apps such as Lottosmile. Read the users’ reviews, check out the alternatives, and then make your final decision.