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dinesh nori

Dinesh is an experienced reviewer, who is currently writing reviews for CasinoFox.in. Dinesh has previously worked with a few iGaming companies and helped them in various ways. His most superior skills involve researching and verifying if a casino is fair or not. He has been working with Casinofox.in for over 6 months and has been a part of us since day 1. He has curated some really amazing content that our readers have been loving. His honest reviews and writing is what make him the most sought-after writer in the Gaming Industry.

How to Contact Dinesh?

Dinesh is available to answer any queries you have regarding his reviews and content. If you think he might have missed some vital info in his articles, then he is more than happy to rectify based on your feedback. To get in touch with him you can reach out to him on the following social media platforms.

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To contact Dinesh via email, you can send him an email to dinesh@casinofox.in or fill out our contact form. Make sure to send more than just a Hello so that you can get quicker responses, and your email is not caught by our spam filters.

Dinesh on Quora

Dinesh does more than just writing reviews on our site. His love for casino reviews and research has made him popular among Quora users. He has been asked numerous questions on Quora by the users, and he has tried his best to make sure to provide accurate answers. You can follow him on Quora as well.

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