Advocate General Supports Karnataka Police Act 2021, “Online Gambling Bigger Menace Than Alcohol”

The Karnataka state government informed the High Court that the law banning all gambling-related activities is social legislation. Advocate General Prabhuling K Navadgi has expressed his views about the Karnataka Police Act 2021 that the object of this enactment is to prohibit activity that is injurious to public health and order. 

The Karnataka government had banned all forms of gambling within their jurisdiction. While the authorities are praising this move by the government, many players and gambling operators have criticized this decision by the government. Several gambling operators have stopped offering their products to the players in Karnataka. 

“Online gambling is a bigger menace than alcohol. Gambling is the biggest menace that we are facing today,” defended the Advocate General addressing the division bench of Justice Sachin Shankar Magadum and Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi. The advocate general called the new gambling law social legislation and gambling a bigger menace. 

Karnataka Police Act 2021

The Karnataka Police Act 2021 prohibits all forms of gambling activities in the state. The recent bill has amended the Karnataka Police Act 1963. The act has made gambling a non-bailable and cognizable offence within the boundaries of Karnataka. The state government has amended the law to remove the impact of gambling in society. 

Although the law has been amended, there have been many discussions regarding the implementation of the law. Many gambling operators and players were afraid that the law might also put a ban on the “games of skill.” However, the advocate general has cleared this confusion in the recent division bench. 

Advocate General Defended The State Legislature

Advocate General Prabhuling K Navadgi has defended the state legislature by saying that there is not any ban on games of skill. He expressed his views about cricket betting, which is a huge market in the country. The advocate general has said that the recent Karnataka Police Amendment is not disproportionate legislation. He pointed out the number of criminal cases that are registered against gambling and related activities in the state of Karnataka. 

He also clarified that wagering money on games of skills like Cricket is also a part of gambling. After a tremendous amount of study, the amendment has been made, and the legislation is a perfect way to curb the menace of online betting and gambling in the state. 

Karnataka Police Act 2021 came into force on October 5, and it prohibits all forms of gambling or betting, whether it is in the form of tokens or money. This legislation has banned virtual currency, electronic means, or electronic transfer of funds related to any game of chance. The law does not state any ban on betting on lottery or horse races within the state. 

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