Rajya Sabha Member Sushil Kumar Modi Wants Taxation of Online Gaming in India

Speaking in India’s Council of States, Rajya Sabha, the MP and BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi called on the government to create a regulatory framework for online gaming. The Rajya Sabha member has raised this issue due to the growth of online gaming sites in the country. 

A member of BJP in the Rajya Sabha, Sushil Kumar Modi, has requested the government to regulate and impose a tax on online gaming. According to him, the popularity of online games has increased rapidly during the pandemic, and there has been a rise in the number of online casinos and gambling sites. 

In India, gambling is considered a state subject which means each state in India can have its own legislation over gambling. Recently, Karnataka has banned online gambling and related activities within its jurisdiction. Several other states have also banned online gambling for curbing the menace of gambling in their states. 

Online gaming has turned into a big addiction. The online gaming sector is similar to the crypto industry. So, the government should impose uniform taxation on online gaming. The government should make a comprehensive framework for the regulation of online gaming,” said Rajya Sabha member Sushil Kumar Modi. 

He raised the issue of gambling by saying that online gaming is a matter of great concern. He said many youngsters are falling prey to it, and hence the central government should regulate gambling throughout the country. Currently, more than 43 crores of Indians are engaging in online games. According to studies and reports, it is expected that this number will increase to 65.7 crores by 2025. Furthermore, the current revenue from online gaming is Rs 13,600 crore which is set to become Rs 29,000 by 2025. 

Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu supported the demands of Sushi Kumar Modi. Venkaiah Naidu asked Ashwini Vaishnav (Minister of Communications, Electronics and Information Technology) to talk to the Law Minister and take necessary steps. Aside from India, many other countries like China are also troubled with children’s indulgence in online gaming. 

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